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MTT Mobile and Web Solution
For freight carriers & brokers


Our SaaS (Software as a Service) trucking solution revolutionizes the logistics industry by providing cloud-based software that streamlines and optimizes various aspects of trucking operations.


By harnessing the power of our SaaS-based solution, businesses can achieve greater visibility, operational control, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and a more sustainable and competitive trucking ecosystem.

These benefits are delivered without the need of internal hardware and are on a low risk, subscription basis.

How it works

Working at Open Space

Office Workers

Securely access the platform from their web browser, from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Company Drivers and Owner Operators access the platform through the MTT Driver App.

Key Features
There are a lot, all in a single platform!

Open API Integration

Our solution boasts seamless integration capabilities through our open API, allowing secure ingestion of your shipment data to the platform. You pick the data you want to provide.

Option to manually maintain or upload data via spreadsheet is also available.

Location Ratings and Analytics

Drivers share their experiences at shippers and receivers.

Results are ranked and office staff can download pdf reports to share the good and the bad. Some sites may be costing you more than you realize. Drivers who get sent to the same bad site don't stay.

Push Notifications

Dispatchers and driver managers can easily message drivers through the app, reducing phone calls and saving hours of time every day.

Drivers review and address issues when it is safe for them to.  Nothing is missed as notifications are stored on the mobile device for future reference.

Private News Feed

Drivers stay connected with a private news feed.  Share links, pictures, messages, and documents, fostering a sense of community.

This is the easiest way to stay engaged with your entire fleet. The drivers see the news feed ever time they open the app!

Safety Management

Centralize safety-related documents, ensuring compliance and providing quick access to essential records during inspections.

Create your own categories.  Drivers easily capture the information and it flows straight to your safety team through our time saving workflow.


As shipment data flows into the platform, drivers automatically see their dispatched shipments on their mobile device.

Office users can access and maintain the shipment data through the web portal.

Location Information

Drivers can submit location specific information via the app.  Office workers can consolidate comments into official information that is safely delivered to the driver, out loud and handsfree via the mobile app when they get close to the site, using geofencing.

Safety first!

Shipment Management

Brokers and Carriers can track shipments from end 2 end with real-time updates and visibility.  Owner operator tracking is included and can be automated, saving time again!

As late shipments are worked, they can be snoozed, bubbling up shipments that still require attention.

Cross Company Visibility

We enable collaboration between brokers and carriers who elect to share shipment status and documents with each other for mutual benefit.

This feature saves hours of time chasing down shipment status on both sides while expediting billing for all.  This is the definition of a win/win.

Are we missing something?

MTT is committed to creating a platform that will enable you to retire any current mobile solutions.

If there is a missing feature that is preventing you from becoming a valued customer, we do everything in our power to build it.  If you need it, chances are other would benefit from it as well.

Document Submission

Drivers easily upload and categorize POD, Lumpers, Washouts and any other document categories you can dream up.

Office workers have access to the documents as they are uploaded, enabling lightning fast billing.

Detention Management

Effectively manage, monitor, and prove detention times.  This ensures fair compensation for carriers, brokers and drivers, while promoting efficient loading/unloading processes.

The detention offering is the most comprehensive in the market and drives serious ROI.

Reimbursable Receipts

We give an entire workflow that isolates expenses where drivers have come out of their own pocket on your behalf, saving hours of office work and ensuring nothing is missed.

Drivers not only get paid back, but it can happen faster than they ever thought possible.

OS&D Management

With our workflow, you can effectively handle overages, shortages, and damages (OS&D) through integrated processes, saving time, minimizing disruptions and ensuring accurate billing.

Drivers can even submit picture evidence that is immediately available to your claims personnel.

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