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MTT Pricing & Features

Our à la carte, pricing allows you to pick the specific features you want and we bill you monthly based upon actual usage-based activity.

We have the most extensive feature list in the industry.

Any feature can be turned on or off at any time.  No games, no nonsense, total control.

Shipment Processing Optimization

This is a required feature.  It enables us to store your basic shipment data. We also notify the driver as soon as a new shipment is received. #1 requested feature from drivers!

 $   0.10 per stop record

Shipment Stop GPS Tracking

Company and Owner Operators Drivers track location and we calculate ETA.

 $   0.50 per tracked shipment stop

Shipment Documents

Drivers upload POD, Lumpers or any other document category you create. Documents are in PDF format and are instantly available for download and billing.

 $   0.75 per submitted document. No page limit!

Onsite & Detention Management

Geotags and timestamps Arrival, Check In, Called to Dock and Stop Complete into hard to deny downloadable PDFs.

 $   0.50 per tracked stop

OS&D Management

Flag shipments with OD&D and allows for collection of images for claim resolution.

 $   1.00 per OS&D stop flagged. No limit on images.

Shipment Management

Portal view for tracking, onsite status, ETA, Owner Operator Linking, and more for your shipments. Only charged for each active Portal User when activated.

 $   50.00 per Portal User

Driver Engagement & Receipt Management
Reimbursable Receipts Management

Entire workflow that ensures that your drivers can submit expenses and get paid pack quickly when they come out of pocket for your company.

 $   1.00 per submitted receipt

Push Notifications

Send drivers canned or custom messages about shipments. They review it when it is safe.

 $   0.50 per tracked shipment stop

News Feed

Your own private News Feed is the first thing that company drivers see. This is the easiest way to stay in constant communication with your drivers.

 $   3.00 per post

Location Information

Allows for information about sites to be collected and read out loud to drivers automatically when they get close to the location. A great tool for you to help your drivers navigate difficult sites.

 $   1.00 per tracked stop

Location Analytics

Drivers have a voice by rating and commenting on Shipper and Receiver sites. You can easily identify troublesome sites and download PDF reports to share, resulting in improvements and/or rate increases.

 $   0.50 per rating

Automation & Collaboration
Carrier / Broker Collaboration

Unparalleled visibility for Carriers and Brokers when they are both on MTT.  Share ETA, Onsite Status, Tracking and POD & Documents with no phone calls or emails. True sharing for mutual benefit.

 $   1.00 per matched shipment stop

Shipment Open API

Manual Bulk Upload and Automated Shipment Data integration.  You choose how "real-time" your shipment data is reflected in the MTT System.  Manual data entry is at no cost.

 $   0.20 per bulk API call (automatic or manual load)

Owner Operator Tracking Requests

Automatically or manually request GPS tracking by Owner Operators.  If you pass the Owner Operators number in your shipment data, we auto-link them for you.

 $   0.10 per sent request

Coming Soon!!!
Branded Tracking and Docs Portal

Dedicated web page where your partners can look up tracking, ETA, and download PODs.  You share your CNAME URL and the portal looks like it is part of your site.

 $   50.00 per month

Are we missing something?

Let us know!  Every feature that we have came from a customer or driver!
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