No tiers & à la carte flexibility to meet your needs.

All plans are based on monthly subscription.



Per user seat
Pick your Features
Shipments Dispatch - $10*
Shipment Documents - $3*
OS&D Management - $1*
Reimbursable Receipts Mgt. - $2*
Location Ratings and Analytics - $3*
Location Information - $3*
Safety Management - $3*
News Feed - $2*
Shipment Management - $50**
*Driver App and Office Web Usage Fees Apply
**Only Office Web Usage Fees Apply


$0.25 - $1

Usage Based
Per Transaction
Shared Carrier Data - $1 per shared record
GPS Tracking Request - $1 ea.
Driver Push Messaging - $0.25 ea.
User Fees
Same as carrier
Broker features require:
Shipment Dispatch Module
Shipment Management Module

Owner Operators


Per month
Features available to the Owner Operators are based on the selected features of the Carriers and Brokers they work with.

Driver GPS App


Drivers who work for Carriers who are not MTT customers can download this free app that will allow for shipment GPS Tracking.

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