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Our latest release gives brokers a whole new kind of visibility

Interaction and communication between brokers, carriers, company drivers and owner operators takes time and resources. We looked at the interaction points and designed a solution that eliminates many of them!

How did we do this? By creating the ability for Carriers who are using the MTT platform to make their POD's and tracking available directly to Brokers who also use the MTT platform.

That is not all! Our intelligent linking (MTT Intelalink) allows brokers to automatically send out tracking requests without the need of manual requests, like some of our competitors.

With tracking requests in place, our Shipment Management module makes it a breeze to see the exact in-process shipments that require attention.


The same Shipment Management can also give smaller carriers technology and capability that rivals many features available to larger fleets.


Want to learn more? Goto:!

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