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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

About 3 weeks ago, MTT recognized 2 pressing issues facing the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we set out to find a solution using what we know the best. Technology.

The problems...

  • There are 7+ million truck drivers in the United States alone not to mention the rest around the world, who are risking their own health every day, to keep the rest of us supplied with vital goods. Ironically, the same people who are keeping us supplied, are having a hard time finding food for themselves while on the road. They can't just pull into a fast food drive thru or a parking lot for curbside delivery. They are in an 18 wheeler!! To make matters worse, the truck stops are overwhelmed, which makes supplying truckers a challenge and social distancing even harder.

  • The restaurants who normally keep our families fed and employee tens of thousands citizens around the world are closing their doors, some permanently, as the vast majority of the world is eating at home amidst the shelter in place directives. Some of your favorite places to eat could be at risk of closing right now.

The solution...

When we looked at both sides, it was apparent that there is a situation where both struggling sides could help each other for mutual benefit. So we rallied the dev team and in record time have come up with a mobile app that will help the two locate and help each other in a safe way that promotes social distancing.

We intend to not just give truckers access to food, but for the first time in weeks, some stellar food options! Goodbye bologna sandwiches!

How it works...

Parked truckers (i.e. a truck stop) push on the "I'm Hungry" button of the app. This will put them on the map. When the truckers combine forces at a location , it creates demand hot spots. Food providers can easily see where there are pockets of people who will buy their meals and even drop a pin to let a geographic area know that there is food inbound!

The app provides links to online / phone ordering links so the masses of truckers do not congregate at the food providers truck or van to order. It also has a notification system built in to allow the food providers to notify the truck driver that their purchased meal is ready to be picked up.

Food providers, we know this might not be your brick and mortar establishment, but if you will drive your trucks and vans a few miles, you can generate income for your business and your employees while helping the truck drivers, who drive thousands of miles for you, at the same time.

The target for public launch is April 25th. We will do our best to make this free to use by all, but we are hitting major roadblocks by major companies, right and left.. Lack of support of these large companies, some of which we pay every month, is making that a challenge. But you can be sure that if we must charge to cover expenses, it will be a very small amount as there are so many people in need. You can check our website for the latest launch information.

It takes getting the word out to make it work...

We are starting to get word out to the truckers, while the food providers are posing a greater challenge. We need everyones help in getting the word out.

You can help with this. Please share this with your favorite restaurants and catering companies and any truckers you may know.

Please also click the links below to share on your social and work networks. The more of you that share this, the better the chances of us helping everyone!! CLICK BELOW TO SHARE!

Together, we can make a difference to a lot of people.

Thanks so much!

The My Truckin' Tech team!

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