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My Truckin' Food is LIVE!

Restaurant Owners! Do yo need to sell some food. Truck Drivers, are you tired of not being able to find a decent meal?

Well, we have put this app together to allow you all to find each other!

Restaurant owners, if you will replace you empty dining room with a truck or van and make a short journey to the truck stops and rest stops, you will find that there are millions of drivers across this country who would appreciate it.

Please visit for more details!

And remember, it takes both restaurants and truckers to make this app work, so please spread the word! You can use the icons at the bottom of the page to share it on your favorite business and social platforms.

Call your favorite restaurants that you know are in trouble and tell them there are hungry drivers who will buy their food. If 1 out of 10 of you let just 1 restaurant know, you may just feed the person who brought you the food you serve at your own table, and save your favorite restaurant at the same time! Imagine what would happen if everyone shared!

Feeding our truckers who are keeping us all supplied while providing additional revenue to restaurant owners is a WIN/WIN. To me, that sounds pretty good right now!

Good luck and safe travels.

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