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Detention management for today's trucking

Current solutions for detention are far from foolproof. MTT has just released the most comprehensive method for drivers to assist Brokers and Carriers prove their detention time. It helps them, and it helps you!

Our methods don't rely on simple geofencing that produces inaccurate results, or internal GPS logs in which can "allegedly" be manipulated.

Our platform combines detailed notes and deliberate status updates submitted by the driver that we geotag as part of shipment tracking.

Then we take it a step further by allowing the office users to isolate the shipments where there is probable detention, review the statuses, timestamps and geolocation data, then download an awesome PDF that they can easily share with the shipper or receiver that clearly shows the reality of the driver's experience.

Once the issue has been resolved, the shipment is flagged as closed allowing new shipments with issues to bubble up straight to the top. That isn't just a tool, it is a process that will yield results you can take to the bank.

In turn, driver's want to use the app because it helps them get the detention money they have earned. The result is detention that drives retention.

And don't forget, this is just one of the features that you get on the MTT Mobile and Web platform that we have painstakingly designed to drive value and efficiency to Brokers, Carriers and Drivers, by working with companies in the industry just like yours.

Join the new trend and let us help you drive more value for your company and your drivers.

Contact us today for more details!

Your friends at MTT!

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