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My Truckin’ Tech Overview

We make awesome mobile and web tech for Brokers, Carriers & Drivers!

Our easy to use mobile and web-based solution optimizes workflows in key areas of the business and is easily integrated with your TMS.

Your company drivers AND approved owner operators** can perform all of the same functions, making it perfect for brokers & carriers!

Scroll down for full feature details or wait for the next slide for highlights!


**Owner operator must have an active MTT account


My Truckin' Portal and Mobile App

The Dashboard

A convenient dashboard lets you know that your drivers are using the app and other statistics that let you keep your finger on the pulse at a glance.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 8.48.49 AM.png
MTT Product Main
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 2.43.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.15.19 PM.png

Shipment Dispatch


Drivers easily check their phone for the latest shipments dispatched and have visibility to the relevant shipment details passed from your TMS or uploaded.

Shipment Documents

Shippers can upload BOL's that get attached to your order / stop, while Receivers can download BOL's and upload POD's all from a website portal made just for them.

Drivers can capture and submit POD's, Lumpers and other docs via their smart phones pre-indexed.

Office staff can do all of the above via our client web portal.

IMG_1733 copy.PNG
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.15.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 12.58.46

Touch-free Shipper/Receiver BOL & POD Portal

We completed the touch-free circle by giving you control over allowing your shippers and receivers the ability to upload and download documents from a portal.

There is no login required.  The partner simply supplies the BOL number, receiving ZIP Code and approximate date to access the shipment and related documents.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 3.02.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.26.58 PM.png

Location Info


We create a record for each unique location that we receive through your data.  We then allow drivers to leave comments about the location that the office can consolidate into "official" location information.

All drivers have access to this information  and it has never been easier to onboard new drivers with information specific to your shippers and receivers.

Shipment Dispatch
Shipment Document
Location Information

Location Analytics

Drivers are asked to answer 5 questions and leave comments about their experience at each stop.

Carriers and brokers can easily pull up information about any shipper or receiver, do "top" lists of best and worst and export individual scorecards that can be shared with the shippers and receivers, resulting in everything from rate increases to corrective actions being made to choosing to cancel lanes.

The more you know about your partners, the more competitive of a position you are in.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 2.49.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.25.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 8.59.27 AM.png
M06-AttachReceipt1 small.jpg
M06-MyReceipts small.jpg

Reimbursable Receipts

When drivers need to come out of their own pocket to cover expenses for the carrier or broker, it is in everyones best interest to get them paid back ASAP.  Our expense module helps you do just that and even ties the expense to your shipment information for accurate settlements.

The web portal isolates these expenses for easy review and the drivers and see the status right on their phone.

OS&D Management

Drivers can flag, collect pictures, documents and comments about your OS&D shipments.

These are all isolated in a specific section of the web portal for easy access by your claims department and all information and images are tied directly to your order / stop.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 2.50.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 7.24.16 PM.png
Location Analytics
Reimbursable Receipts
OS&D Management
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 11.47.48
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 3.03.09 PM.png

Safety Documents

You Safety team will love having all documents and images that are captured by drivers immediately available in a single place within the MTT Web Portal.

No more digging through Trip Packs trying to find all of the documents that need to be recorded to stay compliant.

One stop shopping.

Safety Docs

News Feed

It has never been easier to get important messages out to your fleet.  Your drivers are in the mobile app daily and just like on social media, you can now make posts that will be front and center when they log in.

You can also post pictures, links and files.  It is a great tool to share information and even direct your drivers to your existing website or social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 12.23.04

Don't be fooled, integration matters

Beware of "stand alone" solutions that avoid integration. They sound great in concept, but do not have your best interests in mind.


Our API will allow you to pass your shipment information to our secure AWS platform automatically or you can choose to upload your data from a simple file.  Either way gets your shipment data to your driver's mobile devices.

Let SDN help you provide a solution that is easy to use and gives the best result for your drivers and office staff.

your data matters.png

Your actual shipment data


By passing your shipment data, we ensure that the drivers only see the orders they are responsible for and they can access them straight from their mobile device!


There is no data entry error from typing an order number or bill of lading.


It also encourages dispatchers to keep your systems updated.

what do you expect.jpeg

Drivers know what you expect

Drivers and technology sometimes mix and sometimes don't.  We have kept the driver in mind by providing a simple to use mobile app.


This shows them the tasks that you need them to do and gives them an easy way of doing them.


When they close the shipment, it is removed from the queue. Easy and now they know they have done what you need!


Results you can count on

A streamlined process yields results that drive value and make you more competitive.

  • Drivers have voices that are heard

  • Retention Increses

  • issues at locations get solved

  • Documents are instantly available to office users.

  • Sorting paperwork is eliminated

  • Drivers get paid back quick!

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